VeloComputerTM mobile application works on Android 4.3+ with VeloComputerTM Bluetooth Smart Sensors: VC5HUB and VC5CRANK. It also connects to any Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors.

VeloComputerTM application features on selected smartphones:

Google Play

All your workout data is recorded in CSV files on your phone.


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For iPhone users we recommend Cateye Cycling app. This app connects correctly to speed (HUB) and cadence (CRANK) sensors simultaneously.

Other apps may connect only to HUB or CRANK sensor but not to both at the same time. If you are using other apps please notify their owners about SDK with code examples how to implement Bluetooth Cycling Speed and Cadence profile correctly.


We do not recommend putting your phone in a jersey pocket during the ride.

  • There are some concerns that frequent use of a phone next to you ear may cause a brain tumor. Do you think that your spine cord is immune to it?
  • Sweat may damage your phone more than few rain drops.
  • Your body may reduce Bluetooth performance of your phone.

If you like what we are doing and want to contribute some extra funds to this project please

Thank you!