VeloCoach TM is an application for Android tablets and smart phones used by cycling coaches.
Through WiFi, VeloCoach TM is capable of remotely monitoring performance data of a whole cycling team equipped with the VeloComputer TM mobile application and the VeloComputer TM smart sensors.

VeloCoach TM instantly displays time, heart rate, propulsion power, spot speed, distance, cadence, grade and laps received directly from each cyclist . Team performance data is presented in a simple grid for easy overview and comparison. The application also gives the coach a remote control over starting, stopping and lap changes for each cyclist as well as the whole team.

All performance data is recorded on the tablet or smart phone and can be instantly analyzed in a spreadsheet or in professional training software.

While VeloCoach TM was originally developed for track cycling coaches, it can also be used for monitoring cycling training and racing from a team car equipped with WiFi.

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VeloComputerTM and VeloCoach TM are currently available in a track cycling version for athletes, teams, and coaches.
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