The Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to create applications using Bluetooth and ANT+ speed and cadence (CSC) profiles. The SDK provides code samples how to use CSC profile correctly for 2 sensor scenario, one for speed and the other for cadence.

The SDK also provides documentation and code samples for high-precision Bluetooth REVolution profile. With REVolution profile you can create new use cases measuring various revolving or repetitive motion.

REVolution profile is only available for Bluetooth devices. Any device with Bluetooth Smart such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows mobile phone, tablet or a Smartwatch would be able to acquire precise motion data from the VeloComputerTM Smart Sensor.

The SDK includes:

One VeloComputerTM Smart Sensor and SDK documentation with code examples

NOTE: SDK requires signed agreement.

After your payment we will contact you with the SDK agreement. If you don't sign the agreement within 30 days your payment will be refunded.