VeloComputerTM Smart Sensor works without any magnets. It can be wirelessly configured as HUB for speed or CRANK for cadence.

HUB sensor calculates wheel motion with unmatched accuracy. It measures distance with 1" (25 mm) precision.

CRANK sensor calculates cadence and can also detect crank position with precision.

VeloComputerTM Smart Sensor is not susceptible to a shock or vibration. It works reliably everywhere on earth, maybe not on the North Pole.


  1. Insert CR2032 battery. The LED starts flashing and enters firmware update mode for 1 minute. Wait until it turns off;
  2. Insert the sensor into the rubber holster;
  3. Mount the sensor on a hub of a wheel or a crank;
  4. Turn the wheel or the crank half revolution and wait 15 seconds for the sensor to turn on. The LED will start blinking;
  5. Connect the sensor to your app or device. Once connected the LED will blink slowly;

View VeloComputerTM Application Guide

NOTE: Remove all magnets. The functionality of the sensors may be affected by a magnet on a spoke or a crank.


  • Bluetooth Smart Cycling Speed or Cadence (CSC) profile.
  • Bluetooth Smart REVolution profile - up to 1" inch (25 mm) precision. Supported by VeloComputerTM Android application
  • ANT+ Cycling Speed or Cadence profile.
  • Responsiveness:
  • 1 second for CSC profile.
  • 0.125 second for REVolution profile.
  • Simple snap-over mount. No tools required.
  • CR2032 coin cell battery (lasts one season for average user)


See device compatibility list


Spokes mount option



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VC5 Product Info Card

Crank mounting

Download VC5 product information card


NOTE: Some bikes may have a narrow gap between a crank and a chain-stay. In this case glue the CRANK sensor to your crank in the same orientation and position as shown in the video above using this mounting tape.

The same mounting tape can be used to mount the HUB sensor to a disk wheel.